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The definitive online destination dedicated to celebrating the iconic track “Poing” that revolutionized the rave music scene. Born from the creative genius of Maurice Steenbergen and Danny Scholte at the tender age of 19, “Poing” soared to global acclaim, influencing the harder styles of rave music and inspiring a generation of artists, including the legendary “2 Unlimited” with their hit “No Limits.”

In 1992, “Poing” became more than just a track; it became a movement, securing gold status and topping charts in The Netherlands, Belgium, and Denmark while also reaching the UK charts at #27. Its pulsating rhythm and unforgettable melody encapsulated the raw energy and innovation of the early ’90s rave culture, leaving an indelible mark on the music industry.

Poing (Re-recorded)

This is the track that I originally released as “Rotterdam Termination Source - Poing” in 1992. I needed a new master copy I would own because the record label (Rotterdam Records) sold all their masters. Inspired by Public Enemy’s move to re-record all their songs to get out of Def Jam, I did the same. I can re-record the song 10 years after the original release. So, I decided to dig up the original TR-909 rhythm composer with the Atari and Akai sampler disks to re-record the track. I mixed the song on a much better console this time: the SSL (Solid Stage Logic) 4000 G+ at Rockstar Recordings in Belgium.Read more

Oldschool Renegades: I think it’s Hardcore (video)

Exclusive and complete chapter from ‘Oldschool Renegades’, about the rise of Hardcore. Featuring ‘Mescalinum United - We Have Arrived’, and ‘Rotterdam Termination Source - Poing’. As told by Lenny Dee, Paul Elstak and Danny Scholte.Read more

The Lessons I Took Away from Not Being Signed by Rick Rubin

Rick Rubin is an accomplished music producer with an impressive career, and I had the opportunity to meet him after responding to a label deal fax. Unfortunately, the A&R manager who introduced me to Rubin left the company soon after, and I was not able to maintain contact with him. I often reflect on what could have happened if I had signed with Rubin, but I have come to terms with the fact that I am content with my current situation. I believe that everything happens for a reason, and perhaps my life would not have turned out as well if I had pursued a career with Rubin. In the end, I am grateful for my experiences and the opportunities that have come my way, and I am happy with where my music has taken me.Read more

My Takeaways from Producing a Documentary on Underground Music

I learned valuable lessons producing an underground music documentary, including the importance of name-dropping, building relationships, capturing B-roll footage, and utilizing film festivals. My documentary, ‘Oldschool Renegades,’ explored the evolution of electronic music and featured interviews with original artists. Despite difficulties with a failed distribution deal, I leveraged my strengths to create an engaging teaser trailer and promote it. The film was ultimately showcased at several film festivals, demonstrating that they can serve as a valuable platform for niche or underground content.Read more

Lessons Learned from Producing a Chart-Topping Record in the Early 1990s

I’ve learned that technology has revolutionized music production, making it more accessible and collaborative. Affordable equipment allows for professional-sounding music without live musicians. Good cover art can significantly impact sales.I experienced this firsthand when I produced an international hit at 19 with just a sampler and sequencer. Collaboration with a friend and legendary DJ helped enhance the track. I also learned the hard way about taxes and the importance of saving money. In the past, I was widely known as ‘Poing’ and often interviewed about my experiences in the ’90s rave scene. These days, I’ve retired from my company, but I’ve returned to music production as a cherished hobby. While I may not be making international hits anymore, I still find joy in creating and sharing music on a smaller scale.Read more