I’m Maurice Steenbergen, born in Rotterdam in 1973. My adventure started at the age of 19 when I produced “Poing,” a track that soared to global success and significantly influenced the rave music scene. This pioneering track paved the way for the harder styles of rave music and inspired “2 Unlimited” to create their hit “No Limits.” In 1992, “Poing” became a gold-awarded chart-topper in The Netherlands, Belgium, and Denmark and secured a spot at #27 in the UK charts. Since the success of “Poing,” I’ve continued to explore and produce music across various genres, including dance, rock, and hip-hop, further diversifying my contributions to the music industry. Today my work is featured on 175 compilation titles and has two entries in the UK Guinness Book of Hit Records.

Video Production

Transitioning from music production to video production, I leveraged my background in graphic design to create visually captivating music videos for artists like DJ Paul Elstak, Kadoc, and Deorro’s hit single “Yee”, that has amassed over 40 million views to date. My work quickly gained recognition, receiving airtime on MTV and the Dutch equivalent, TMF (The Music Factory). Between 1994 and 2014, I produced over 100 projects for major and independent labels, including Sony, BMG, Warner, Kontor and Universal Music. My contributions to the music video industry were acknowledged with a Buma NL Award for Best Music Video in 2011.

Oldschool Renegades

In 2013, I embarked on a new venture, creating my first documentary, “Oldschool Renegades” in collaboration with Topnotch and Universal Music. This project was a deep dive into the early rave scene of the 90s, featuring interviews with legends like Moby, The Prodigy, Frankie Bones, and many others. The documentary premiered at the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE). It was internationally recognized at Film festivals, including the Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival.


Today, I specialise in crafting essential instrumentals, also called beats, that breathe life into various artists’ projects. My beat creation is deeply rooted in sampling, with each piece meticulously constructed using samples exclusively sourced from Tracklib and other exclusive catalogues. This ensures not only the originality of my work but also its compliance with all legal requirements, as every sample is fully cleared for use. Represented by CTM Publishing, my portfolio spans a diverse range of genres, reflecting my versatility and adaptability in the ever-evolving music industry. From dance to rock and hip-hop, my tracks are a testament to my broad musical palette and commitment to pushing creative boundaries.