Oldschool Renegades

Non-stop Oldschool Rave & Techno

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Oldschool Renegades crew

Maurice Steenbergen

Maurice Steenbergen is a platinum-awarded producer/multi-instrumentalist from The Netherlands. He would sign to the esteemed Rotterdam Records at just nineteen-years-old and soon gained a name for himself for sampling random craziness into his records. By the early 90s, he would top European charts with records like “Poing,” which was one of the main songs that brought a harder style to dance music and “galvanized a Dutch dance industry that flourishes to this day” (L.A. Weekly).

Silvio Aquila

Arend Hebers is my name and since 2002 I've been playing records as a hobby. I started out as a Hardstyle DJ by the name 'Silvio Aquila' and still doing it from time to time. But mostly online, putting livesets on my SoundCloud and occasionally a livestream. These days I'm playing a variety of music styles in the 'dance' scene. Especially the old stuff, because I just love it! I got my roots in a small town called Bourtange (Groningen), in the north of the Netherlands. Being a part of youthcentre crew, where my buddy and I discovered two pair of Technics SL1200 MK2's on the attic. Practising almost everyday with vinyl, trying to perfect the beatmatching and mixing skills. And so I got my first real gig in 2005 and later achieving a performance on Decibel Outdoor in 2014 with my love for Early Hardstyle. In the past I made mixes for a radiostation called 'FearFM', a station that represented the Harder Styles in dance music. Weekly I made an Early Hardstyle mix and so I got a bit of fame as "Mr. Early Hardstyle from the North". But the station shutted down around the year 2009. The last two years I'm really discovering the late 80's and early 90's House music. Falling in love with music once again! There's so much great relics from those early days, it's just amazing.

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