DJ Gemini


Gemini started DJing around 1992, after having visited many parties. The love for House music started around 1987 but exploded in 1990/1991.

When working for ID&T he played at many of their parties and was one of the faces of the Bad Vibes dancestore, which later became a Mid-Town recordstore in the late nineties. While mainly playing Hardcore, he also played Club, Techno and ofcourse Old School.

After many parties for ID&T he became a resident DJ at Mystery World aka The Fun Factory or Hemkade, playing at least twice every week. Besides playing for only ID&T he also played at a lot of other parties across the country and some abroad, a lot of local- and national radio stations and two appearances at The Music Factory TV station.

Never produced or recorded any own productions, but one: a record in collaboration with DJ Promo on Waxweazle Records. This was also featured on the Thunderome XX cd. In 1999 he quit playing hardcore and started to focus on Old School only, which he still plays today.

Although he doesn’t appear at much parties, most sets could be heard at local- and internet radiostations like The Source, Decibel and Report2Dancefloor. He also releases sets regularly on MixCloud.

His style is foremost UK Rave, but can vary depending on the likes of the crowd and his mood 😉

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